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Internet Online Marketing Advertising Business

In 2009 Netcraft published a web survey revealing that there are approximately 150 million web searches processed on a daily basis on Google alone. With countless new businesses, websites, blogs and social media sites crowding the world wide web, marketing your own site has never been so important.

Online advertising can be very different to traditional mediums of advertising and user interaction is much more relevant. In paid search (pay per click) advertising the specific search term a user types into a search engine e.g ‘blue dog basket’ will determine the particular adverts that appear to them e.g ‘Pet Accessories – Find Your Perfect Dog Basket’. This form of advertising is much more highly targeted than traditional methods and responds directly to a user’s behaviour.

Other forms of online advertising include viral advertising. This is where an advert is designed specifically for a user to view the advert and then send it on to numerous contacts due to its humorous or interesting content. Viral advertising has been extremely successful as it harnesses user power to engage with the concept and continue promoting the company or product by forwarding the advert.

Affiliate Marketing is a form of collaborative advertising where companies may pay a small fee to other sites for sending traffic or sales onto their own sites. This is the offline equivalent of a handling or brokerage charge paid by the seller.

Semantic Advertising is the term used to describe the practice of applying semantic techniques to websites. In basic terms this means using word groupings and word behaviour tools to determine the purpose of the website and attach relevant paid adverts and links to this site in order to attract customers.

The online advertising business is the most rapidly growing industry and is worth billions of pounds each month. Online Marketing Consultants command high salaries and Online Marketing agencies are growing in number with more and more clients requiring professional help to optimise their sites and reach more and more customers.